Up until 2 years ago, I’ve taught a variety of Primary grades. I spent 8 1/2 years teaching in Melbourne, but I’m now back home in Fremantle, Western Australia. Im currently working in the role of ICT Literacy Teacher. As an educator, I leave school every day with a smile, having enjoyed the company of my students and colleagues, and marveled at their intelligence and creativity.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Brette, I want to thank you for sharing your insightful and well researched thoughts on this blog. What a read! What a find! My school is also in the midst of implementing the Daily Five, and I am in my second year of using the Daily Five and CAFE in our Literacy sessions. Is it possible to contact you via email about a collegiate school visit? (We’re also in Melbourne!)
    Looking forward to continuing the D5 CAFE discussion.
    Thanks, Sarah.

  2. I saw your website on your profile brettelockyer, I love it, and we are both using wordpress. I am using Edublog to post my blog too. I think I can learn from you.

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