The ‘Daily Five’ and ‘CAFE Model’ literacy systems have been designed by the two sisters, Joan Moser and Gail Boushey. I first found out about the Daily Five through my friend Kerry Ely, who has taught in international schools in Singapore. My friend and work colleague, Robyn Fox, was directly supportive and encouraged me to implement the daily Five system in my Grade Two classroom this year.

In a nutshell, the Daily Five literacy system offers student choice, purposeful literacy practice, and self-monitoring of literacy goals for the students.  For the teacher if offers a well-organised daily routine, and a systematic method of assessment of individual students.

The success of implementation of the Daily Five in my classroom has been due to these factors:

  • closely following the initial five-week setup as described in the ‘Daily Five’ book
  • online support from The Two Sisters’ free email newsletter and their subscription membership
  • practical support and encouragement in my school from Robyn Fox
  • my continual process of self-reflection, to determine if this system matched the learners in my classroom, and my own pedagogies.

Has ‘Daily Five’ worked for you?  How does it compare to your previous systems of teaching literacy?

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