Flipgrid in the Classroom

Flipgrid is now Microsoft-owned, so it integrates nicely into this world – especially within Teams. SSO enables a very easy setup for your class – just a matter of completing a few fields such as the students’ email domains, and then sharing the room code with your students. Working with students who do not have […]

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Stop Motion and Maths

This post is a summary of a presentation given to my Primary School colleagues, aiming to provide tips, examples and resources. Why Stop Motion and Maths? It’s the ideal partnership. Students use concrete materials to explain what they know – with not a worksheet in sight. The ‘acting out’ of a concept enables: the development […]

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Pinjarra – Battle or Massacre?

This post is a resource to supplement my presentation at the AISWA HASS Conference in Perth on October 6, 2017. The Year 5 History curriculum offers many rich opportunities to look at our local people, events and stories. The Pinjarra Massacre is a good example, and useful when developing the historical skill of perspective. Practical […]

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Dear @aimee_gale

Hi there Aimee In response to your tweet asking for maths investigations around addition and subtraction in Year 3/4, here are a few ideas of mine: FIFTY METRES No, I haven’t tried this one out yet, but I came up with the idea for you in the gym this morning. Now, every AFL-loving student knows […]

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